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“One gift. Every occasion” –Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming’s concept is “why have so many dishes for different seasons, holidays, or events when you can have one dish and use interchangeable “mini’s” to celebrate any occasion?”.

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With so many practical dishes you won’t go wrong choosing Nora Fleming.  It’s this simple:

  1. Choose a dish
  2. Choose from an assortment of over 40 minis for different occasions
  3. Insert the desired mini into the hole on the end or rim of the dish
  4. To change out, simply pull the mini out and replace with another

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Dishes vary from platters, napkin holders, an egg tray, cutting boards, utensil holders, cake stands, and baking dishes.  If you’re worried about breaking a dish, have no worries, Nora Fleming also features dishes is Melamine.  You can’t go wrong with this perfect gift.  A great gift idea for weddings and so many other occasions.

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