Celebrate Christmas in Gettysburg December 1

Join us Saturday, December 1 for Gettysburg’s 1st annual “A Gettysburg Christmas Festival. There will be lots of activities throughout the town and in various shops.  Artworks will have free hot chocolate with choice of topping; whipped cream or marshmallows. We are also offering 10% off of a single Beyond Borders Haitian Metal Art item AND 15% off of our already marked clearance items. Make a day of it! Refer to http://www.agettysburgchristmasfestival.com and see what’s happening on each street. You don’t want to miss a thing.

Too far to carry? We’ll hold your purchases for you.

The holiday season is always about hustle and bustle. We realize you are so busy shopping and dragging packages back and for to where your car is parked. So we want to make it easy on you.

Purchase something at Artworks and we will hold your package(s) until you’re ready to pick them up. All we require is your name and phone number and if you haven’t picked up your items and it’s close to closing time we will call you 1 hour before we close to remind you.

Willow Tree Ornaments Are Here!

We decided to try something new.  We’ve always liked Willow Tree figures but there was already a local dealer in town.  As soon as we found out that shop decided to relinquish their dealership we JUMPED at the opportunity to have these wonderful items in our store.  We are starting small; literally.  The first items we’ve decided to bring in are the ornaments.  These aren’t holiday ornaments, they are everyday ornaments that you can give and display all year long anywhere!  The ornaments displayed in the picture are ones we have in stock.  We will certainly take special requests and will look to expand our line past just ornaments.  We just wanted to test the proverbial waters first!  We hope you’re as excited to have Willow Tree available at Artworks as we are.

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