Silver Forest

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Founded over thirty years ago, Silver Forest started selling its distinctive jewelry at craft shows throughout the Northeast. Today, Silver Forest jewelry can be found in retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Silver Forest jewelry is hand crafted in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

“I love every single pair of my Silver Forest earrings! They are each a unique work of art…”

“We believe that our earrings are about much more than accessorizing. They’re about feeling beautiful, uplifted and confident. They’re about expressing your true self. Our mission is to create wearable art that is as timeless and unique as you.”

“At first I bought these earrings as a gift… but after really looking at them… I know this sounds terrible, I bought another gift and kept these beautiful earrings!”

Silver Forest has an incredible Customer Loyalty Program that makes them the best choice for affordable jewelry made in the USA.

As our way of thanking their loyal customers for their patronage Silver Forest offers a frequent buyer card. You can get this card from your local Independent retailer. Each time you buy a piece of Silver Forest jewelry the retailer will apply a sticker to your card. Once you have received five stickers on your card you write down three style choices that you would like to receive as your free gift. The style numbers can be found on a ticket on the back of each displayed jewelry card. The style number will begin with any of the following prefixes E-, NE-, PP- or P- followed by a four-digit number and possibly a letter. This is the number that you will write on your style choices. Then you mail the card to Silver Forest and they will send you one of your choices free as a gift from Silver Forest!


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